For Medicare Claim Interactive or Bulk Billing, an up-to-date Medicare number is required. Before claiming, it is good to make sure the number is up-to-date to avoid claim failure. 

The app offers an optional back end operation to verify all patients' medicare numbers of today's appointments in a batch automatically between 1 am to 9 am. If any verification failure, an recipient defined in the Email address will receive a notification about which patient verification had failed.

The default value App Timezone is  generally detected correctly, if the browser is running in the same timezone with the practice, and the timezone setting of the PC or mobile device is correct. 


The back end service may be sleeping over night, however, as soon as someone is using the app in the morning, it will wake up and run the task of patient verification.


For today appointments added after the morning run of patient verification, the respective patient's medicare numbers may not be up-to-date, however,

1. Before patient claim interactive, the medicare number may be verified first.

2. Before bulk billing, the medicare numbers involved may be verified first.

Then offending invoices won't be sent to Medicare Online.