Bulk Bill is the claiming process that allows health professionals to claim Medicare benefits directly from Human Services.

This allows claims where patients who have received professional medical services, and have assigned their right to Medicare benefits to health professional who provided the service, to be transmitted to Human Services and assessed at a later time. The Healthcare Location submits the claim on behalf of the health professional to Human Services.

It is expect that you run bulk bill once a day. The app will allocate all invoices due with billing type Bulk Bill.

Send All

This will send all invoices due to Medicare in batches each of which contains up to 80 invoices for each provider.

Send Selected

You may select invoices and submit. 


You may settle claims one by one through clicking the Settle button of each claim, or settle all through clicking the Settle All button.

If the claimed amount and the paid amount are unequal, you may see a button:

Clicking the button you may see:


Error Handling

When Submitting

When submitting invoices, upon the first error, the app will stop proceeding and display respective errors.

When Settling

Medicare may take overnight operation to process bulk bill requests. If there exist technical problems, you may report to Medciare about it with claim info. For the Medicare support to locate info, you should the claim inf, for example:

Claim ID: A0007@; Provider: 2426591T; Lodgement: 28/09/2020; Transaction: urn:uuid:MLK00000B900BD0A97D85348

And such info could be obtained handily through pressing this button: