Add/Edit Appointment


By default, the start time is the next available time of the same date of the currently selected appointment. In other words, it is the end time of the selected appointment. This is to make it convenient to create an appointment right after the selected one. However, if there's no selected appointment, or the selected appointment is not in current view, the start time is now.

Time slot

There are 2 ways to define a time slot.
1. Define Start time and End time.
Clicking the button will bring this date and time selector dialog.

2. Define time slot with time span.

Clicking the button will bring this time slot selector dialog.

The time selection is constrained by availabilities defined in Settings/Availabilities.

For example, 9:00-17:00 is available. However, the first item is current time when you just added the appointment.


By default, the span is 15 minute. If you change, the app will remember the changed default for current user.

Assign To

In the default view, Assigned To is always the current user. Only in the Multi-Practitioner view, this field could be modified.

Provider Number

The provider number is associated with Assigned To. If the practitioner has only 1 provider number, the number is used. If the practitioner has more than 1 provider numbers, you will need to choose one from the Select box.

Location or Address

Clicking the  button to define location, or clicking the button to define address.

Create Invoice

When this checkbox is checked, an invoice is created along with the appointment, so it will be easy to make payment from an appointment.


The checked status is the checkbox is remembered for current user.


Highlight an appointment using the radio button next to it and click the Edit Appointment button (yellow pencil).

The details you can edit are the same as for above (when Adding an appointment).