This tool will allow you to mass send simple SMS messages to patients based on their appointment date and provider.

It is a basic, but powerful communication tool, which won't necessarily provide a lot of safeguards in terms of use; so please read the instructions carefully!

If you have questions please email with specific details/screenshots.

First download: 

Unzip to a folder, e.g. C:\medilink3bnt\Utilities\SimpleAppointmentSMS\

(Warning: do not unzip to your Medilink bin folder and overwrite existing files as it will stop Medilink from working.)

Run C:\medilink3bnt\Utilities\SimpleAppointmentSMS\SimpleAppointmentSMS.EXE

Follow the instructions on the screen.

Select the date range for patient appointments.

Next select the providers you wish to send the message for. Default is to send to patients for all practitioners within the date range.  Otherwise use CTRL + Click to select each provider to send message for their appointments.

Click 'Load' to show all the appointments for the chosen providers within the date range.
Select the appointments you wish to send messages for (CTRL + Click each appointment) or select 'All' to send to all the patients in that list.

Compose the message you wish to send, there will already be a default example filled out you can make any changes you like. A standard SMS is 160 characters - if the message is over this it will count as two messages in credit. Hit send when ready.