In an early 2020 Windows update Microsoft have made a slight change to the behaviour of the mailto: command, which has resulted in problems with emailing direct from Medilink.

We are producing a fix in the 2020 R1 version of Medilink.

In the short term you will need to manually remove the &subject= section from the recipient field.

To provide a little more detail:

To send emails Medilink has historically added additional elements to the end of the mailto command. For instance:

...would create an email with the recipient as, cced to and subject "Call Me".

However, due to a minor oversight, clicking to email a patient or referrer direct would look like this:

...and technically the ampersand should be a question mark in this case.

Previous to this latest Microsoft update, Windows would handle this as intended anyway, i.e. it would recognise that the ampersand was a delimiter even though it's technically incorrect. But now it doesn't.