In Medilink 2019 R2 we added a Xero Integration module.

Currently the integration caters for one way billing data from Medilink to Xero. So invoices you have billed, and any subsequent receipts, corrections, reverse receipts etc. will be reflected in Xero. This will help your bookkeeper/accountant report on details.

In future revisions we may add logic to pull down payment data from Xero in to Medilink, however at this stage we have not done this.


To use this module you must:

a. Have Xero account (independent of Medilink).

b. Be registered for the Xero module in Medilink.


At regular intervals, (say once a week), you should upload your Medilink billing data to Xero.

Open the Medilink Accounting Screen (patient screen) and click the Xero button.

By default the last week of billing will be loaded for all providers.

Optionally, if you want to filter by specific providers or change the date, please do so and then click Load.

Then you can either select Sync All to simply upload all un-uploaded billings, or you can highlight and Sync Sel(ected) for the ones you want. Note it won't upload something twice, even if you select it.

When you click either of the Sync buttons it will bring up a browser window. It may first ask you to Log In to Xero. (It may help if you have already signed in on this computer and/or saved your credentials.)

It will then ask if you want to allow Medilink access to your company data. Click Allow Access. (If you have multiple organisations and this is the wrong one, please cancel and go back, and select it from within Xero before trying to sync again.)

Once the initial 'handshake' is done between the two applications you will see a message in the browser instructing you that you may now close the browser/window.

You will see some activity in the Medilink Sync to Xero window. It is complete when the bar goes to the end. You will also see the company name that we are syncing with. You will also notice that the billings you had selected (or all billings if you synced all) will now have a Xero Status of UPLOADED.

From this point you can choose to Load for other providers and/or date ranges and sync those. This will sync to whatever organisation is currently on screen.

For safety's sake if you are working with multiple organisations we suggest clicking Xero Logoff between synchronisations, just to ensure that the wrong organisation is not accidentally synced to.