Medilink Clinical enables the user to auto-fill and print request forms. 

To create a request form, first open the required patient in DHR.
On the left hand side of the screen, right click 'Requests' and click 'New Request'.

The Pathology Request form will open, you are able to choose the details for this request form.
To choose a specific request form, simple choose a Laboratory from the drop down menu.

There are multiple current request templates available for the Laboratories. If you require one that is not currently available on the list please contact to organise adding the Laboratory.

On the left hand side you will see a list of tests (if this is the first time using the requests this will be empty).
To add a test to the available selections click the '+' symbol next to the Tests box.

Now you can enter a test, this test will be saved and available for selection on all request forms. 

Once you have added the tests available, you now can add them to the current request form. 

To add a test, either double click the Test from the list or select the test and click the '>' symbol.

When the test is added it will appear in the middle selection box as above. To remove simply double click the Test.

The right hand side has a series of tick boxes which respond to the options on the form, you can fill these out and the corresponding boxes on the form should be selected.

Next you can include clinical notes and text in the box 'Reason'

Fill out the rest of the form as appropriate. 

Click Ok to print, make sure to place the pathology form paper in the printer (or you can set up the request form to be sent to a different tray/printer, see below for the setup).

The information should now be printed on the request form paper, if anything does not appear to line up appropriately and require adjusting please email with a scan of the resulting request form and we can help fix the alignment.

Setup Printer:

For requests, you can set up the request to print from a dedicated printer tray containing the request form paper.
To do this, Go to File >> Settings >> Printer Settings

From this screen, choose the 'Requests' selection from the left column.
Then choose the printer and paper source for the request form paper and choose ok to save.