Task Manager allows for notifications to be set up. So that when a new task is assigned the users will be notified.
In the example below it enables a user to be notified of a cancelled booking - by which they can now assign a new patient to that available slot.

You must first ensure the notifications for your login are selected. To do this, in Medilink Cloud go to the circle button and click 'Settings'.

 Go to the 'Preferences' tab.
Ensure that the following setting is ticked.

'Notification via popup'

Click 'Tasks' to save and return to the Task Manager List.

Now it is all down to workflow, below is an example to display how the notification system works and can be utilized by the user.

A user Stephen, has just cancelled a surgical appointment for a patient. They do not currently have time to look at the waiting list to add a new patient to that now available spot.

This user can open Task Manager and assign this task to another user - and themselves if they like so they can come back later if they have time to complete it themselves.

Open 'Tasks'

Note: Task Manger can be accessed on any device with internet connections.

The user can create a new task for the cancelled appointment and assign it to any other users to complete.

Once the user Clicks 'Add', each user assigned to that Task will receive a notification, both in Task Manager and as a popup notification they can see while accessing any other application - note it will not disrupt the users from there current actions.
They can click on the notification to bring up Task Manager. Or open 'Tasks' to view.

The next view is from another user who was assigned this task - Mena.
They can then view the details of the task and take action accordingly - marking the task as complete once it has bee actioned. For this example they can see the date of the appointment and can navigate in Medilink to the cancelled appointment. Then search for anew patient from the waitlist.

Tasks which are not completed straight away will still be able to be viewed at anytime to check up on availability.

You can also choose to send notifications via email as well.