There is a tool available here which will import and merge an existing Medilink database to another existing Medilink database.

Note you may want to first split off one or more providers before running this tool. To do so use:

Prerequisite. You must copy the DATA / LETTERS / SCANS folders of the source database to the server root Medilink32bnt folder, and name them DATA_SOURCE / LETTERS_SOURCE / SCANS_SOURCE. The destination database will just be the DATA / LETTERS / SCANS folders already there.

1. Download the following file:

2. Unzip to a separate folder. For example, C:\Medilink32bnt\Utilities\ImportAndMergeMedilinkDatabases

3. Run the executable and follow the prompts, i.e. C:\Medilink32bnt\Utilities\ImportAndMergeMedilinkDatabases\ImportAndMergeMedilinkDatabases.EXE