There is a tool here which will convert all existing Personal and Family Accounts to use Medicare Online for claiming purposes, (i.e. Private Invoice or Cash Consult). See instructions below.

Third Party Accounts are unaffected.

It will set a Claimant where there is an eligible Patient on the Account (appropriately aged and valid Medicare Card), otherwise you will be prompted when Billing.

Note if an account is set to Medicare or DVA it will still set this claiming option, but it won't really matter (as by default the Invoice will be Medicare Bulk Bill or DVA Bulk Bill, not Private Invoice or Cash Consult). That way if you do decide later to bill them privately it will still work.

This will also set a setting to ensure all future new Patients are also set to MCOL. This is a per PC setting though, you can find it in General Options -> Make New Patients Use MCOL.

1. Download the following file:

2. Unzip to a separate folder. For example, C:\Medilink32bnt\Utilities\MakeAllAccountsMCOL

3. Run the executable and follow the prompts, i.e. C:\Medilink32bnt\Utilities\MakeAllAccountsMCOL\MakeAllAccountsMCOL.EXE