When the Medilink Results module was first developed it was quite basic, just showing the text-based results per observation in the message.

These days we can display all sorts of payloads, text formats like RTF/HTML/PIT, encapsulated PDF/images, links to other files.

However until recently we were still limited in that Medilink would just show 1 result item per observation. In terms of priority, we would show the encapsulated PDF/images by default as they typically would be a complete picture of the observation, then links, then text formats if that was all that was provided.

For example, we may show a link to a radiology company's website which has an X-Ray image + report on it. Although the radiology lab may have also sent a text-based report too (but we wouldn't show it).

However, if there was an issue with the link, you may instead want to just view the text-based result, but couldn't.

So we have now made it so that you can switch to other previews of the result item.

This is more of a troubleshooting process than an actual feature. You would only really need to switch the preview if the one showing on screen isn't complete or fails in some way.

See below for a brief demonstration: