While integration with MIMs is available in Medilink for prescribing. Medilink Clinical also allows for Providers to prescribe without using the MIMs drug database.

Providers simply need to fill out a prescription/preparation form to prescribe medications, this information is also stored so the user can prescribe it for any patient once the form has been filled out.

In Medilink Clinical (DHR), to create a medication to prescribe click 'Scripts' (or go to Tools >> User Defined Preparations)

This will open the Favorite/Preparation screen. To create a prescription click 'Add'.

This will bring up the Medication form, fill out all of the relevant information. You do not need to fill out the instructions unless it is the same for each patient, as you will be able to fill this out when prescribing.

Please note, not all fields in the prescription for needs to be filled out, fields such as Qty Units, RptsIntvl and PBS Code are only needed if applicable. Instructions can be left blannk and be filled out when prescribing the medication.

Once complete this medication will be added to the list.
To prescribe this medication, open up the correct patient and click 'Scripts'.

Select the medication from the list and Click 'Prescribe'

This will open the Prescription window, change or add any of the details required and click Ok.

The prescription should now print for that patient.
You can add multiple medications to the list and prescribe them for any patient.