This guide is for setting up the Medilink Surgical Partners module.

Surgical Partners website

Go to the Surgical Partners website and sign up. Once signed in, go to the Setup page, and obtain the token code:

There are other setup steps with regards linking Surgical Partners to third party accounting packages – please consult the Surgical Partners materials on this subject.

Medilink registration

You need to be registered in Medilink for the Surgical Partners module. You can check via Help >> Register Medilink, look for the Surgical Partners tick (it should be on).

Configure Surgical Partners to run

One of your computers should be designated to run the synchronisation from Medilink to Surgical Partners. Go to File Menu >> General Options, and tick on Run Surgical Partners On This PC, then click OK

Restart Medilink after this.

Setup Medilink Surgical Partners link

When you start Medilink you should see the Surgical Partners Setup screen (if for some reason you don’t, right-click the Medilink Surgical Partners icon in the taskbar notification area, and click Setup):

Enter the security token that you received from the Surgical Partners website, and click OK.

Note, the reporting interval can be tweaked, but we suggest you leave a reasonable gap (i.e. it is unlikely that you actually need to-the-minute reporting of this data, and setting it too low will simply tax your Medilink database and slow it down unnecessarily).

Medilink Surgical Partners usage

From a Medilink perspective, you don’t really have to do anything. Just continue to use Medilink, billing patients as normal. The Surgical Partners tray icon will run in the background, and will report transactions to Surgical Partners periodically. It does this by looking at all of your recent Medilink transactions (for the last week), and uploading any transactions that have not been previously uploaded.

Please see the Surgical Partners materials for how you would view the transactions from their web interface and/or how to link to third-party accounting packages.

Review transactions

To review the transactions from a Medilink perspective, right-click the Surgical Partners tray icon and click Review. This will show you the Medilink transactions you have done for the date range selected, and whether or not they have been uploaded to Surgical Partners.

Reprocess transactions

From the Review screen you can Reprocess for Selected Dates.

This will be helpful in reporting older transaction data that has not been uploaded.

When you run this you will be prompted if you want to upload transactions that have already been uploaded - there may be circumstances where you want to do this, although typically you will say No.