The number of provider licenses you have determines how many unique provider stems you can have in Medilink. 

What is a provider stem? The first six digits of a provider number.

For example, consider a provider in Medilink, set up as follows:

Although setup in Medilink once, this provider entity will consume two provider licenses, as the provider stems of the different locations (first six digits of the provider numbers) are not the same - "111111" (indicated by the red line) versus "222222" (indicated by the blue line).

The next example will also consume two provider licenses, not because the doctor is setup in Medilink twice, but because there are two different provider stems used. Take notice of the "333333" provider stems (indicated by the red lines) and the "444444" provider stem (indicated by the blue line). 

Note: If the "444444" stem was not present, this doctor would only consume one provider license even though they're setup in Medilink multiple times.