Due to recent change in third-party claiming requirements, we've had multiple requests to be able to add the facility ID of a hospital to billing printouts such as invoices and receipts. 

This feature has been added in Medilink 2018 R2. 

Note: this feature will not work with Crystals invoices. 

To add a facility ID for a particular location:

1. From the Accounting screen in Medilink, go to File menu >> Change Details >> Provider Details (or press CTRL + O).

2. Expand the providers list of practices by clicking the '+' icon next to their name. 

3. Select the location your wish to add a facility ID to.

4. Click Edit Practice

5. Add the facility ID of the location to the Hospital Facility Id field.

Note: adding a facility ID to a practice/hospital location on any one provider (as shown above) will set that facility ID for that location everywhere in Medilink (so you only need to do it once per location).

Now, as long as you are not using Crystals for invoicing and receipting, the location name and facility ID will appear on your billing printouts. 

How to turn off Crystals for invoicing and receipting

1. From the Accounting screen, go to File menu >> Printer Setup.

2. For document types Invoice and Receipt, untick the Use Crystals setting. 

3. Click OK to save your changes.