Go in to 'File'->'Accounting Setup'. Turn on 'Print Extras' '3rd Party'.

Optionally, if you do a lot of 3rd party billing you may want to batch these – to do so turn on 'Third Party' 'Enable Batching'.

Creating An Account

Firstly, you will need to create a third party account. This can be done when you create a new patient or attach an existing patient to this account, (if a new patient, you may skip the 'Existing Patient' section).

New Patient

Create a new patient, and when prompted to attach, select the 'Third Party' option:

Existing Patient

Edit the patient and click on 'Attach To':

If you just want the patient on the third party account then choose Transfer to another account. Otherwise attach to multiple (duplicate) the patient if there is a possibility of a requirement of re-accessing the patient's personal account:

Choose Account

Search for the account:

If it doesn't find it, it will prompt you to create the third party account.

Editing Account Details

Fill in the details as necessary. You can set a specific fee rate for items billed under this account if you want (i.e. items will automatically be billed at that prefix rate). For example, 'W' for workcover (although you're free to use any code you wish). If you want to do the batching style you tick on 'Third Party Bulk Billing':

Editing Patient Details

Many third parties require additional identifiers to process claims. Edit the patient, and click 'Extras'.

You can fill these details in as necessary. Typically the 'Claim Number' is the most pertinent field. Various third parties will have various requirements in terms of the information they require - please fill in the fields as appropriate. You can fill in various other details instead, for instance the hospital name and facility id etc.


When searching for patients, it's important that you select their third party account. Here are some tips on finding these.

Fast Search

In the 'Fast Search', you must ensure that you select the third party in the 'Accounts' section down below:

Smart Search

Patient Name

In 'Smart Search' when searching by patient name, look for the asterisks, as they denote the third party accounts for a patient, (but also check the 'Account Name' down below):

Account Name

You can also search by account name. This is not recommended for third party accounts, as it can be very time consuming to find all of the patients attached to that account, (especially if it is a large third party account).



When invoicing, just ensure that the 'Extras' tick is on, and if you want to batch that the 'Third Party Batching' option is also ticked on, (they should both be by default, but just check). If you're doing batching you don't have to print anything at this stage, but can by ticking on '(Print) Invoice'.

Once this is raised, you will see an outstanding amount on the patient and account.


If you elected to use batching, we now go to 'Office'->'Third Party Batching'. Those familiar with Medicare Online batching will recognise this interface. Click 'Batch 1000' to simply batch everything in the list, or individually click on services to highlight them.

Do not alter the 'Batch Number' field unless for a specific purpose; this should be left to automatically increment under normal circumstances.

You should tick on 'Print Batch', and then press 'OK':

You can elect whether or not you wish to print the individual invoices, which may be important if there is extra information that the third party requires (because the Extras only prints out in full on the invoices):

This will then print a batch header report which details basic billing information for the third party:


To pay off a third party batch use 'Office'->'Third Party Payments'.

Firstly, fill in the details pertaining to the payment received for this batch:

You can see in the previous example, the amount paid is slightly less that we charged for batch A0038. We need to use the interface to pay off what needs to be paid. In this example, one service was paid $50 less for whatever reason:


Rather than adjust the amount, if you select the service and click on 'Dispute', it will not automatically adjust the amount off in Medilink, but rather, leave it outstanding on the batch.

Then when you go to pay the batch again later, (you can pay $0 for example), you will see the 'Resolve Disputes' screen. We will write off the $50.


There are a number of reports/tools to help manage third party batches. They are typically all under the 'Office' menu, in the same section.

Duplicate Batch Report

Reprints the batch report to be given to the third party for payment.

Outstanding Batch Report

Prints all outstanding third party batches

Unbatched Report

Shows all of the unbatched services, waiting to be batched.

Unbatch Batch

You can unbatch batches if they have not been paid.


Correct out a service that was billed as a third party batch item, (this only applies to unbatched services).