Setup Recalls

1. File Menu -> Change Details -> Edit Lists.

2. Choose Recall Reasons from drop down box.

3. Add/Edit/Delete the Recall Reasons you need.

Create Patient Recall

1. With the patient on screen, click the Recalls button.

2. Click Add.

3. Choose a Date and Reason for the Recall.

View Patient Recalls

As per Recall Create, you can view them from the Recalls Screen.

Alternatively, a quick way to view Patient Recalls is at the bottom of the Patient Summary screen.

Generate Recalls

1. Management Menu -> Generate Recalls.

2. Choose the various filters you want, (i.e. a date range, specific reason, patient gender/age, etc).

3. Optionally preview the recalls, which prints a report.

4. Click OK. This generates a DAT file which you may optionally name.

Sending Recall Letters

Note: this section contains general advice only. We do not directly support or train users in Microsoft Word.

1. Open Microsoft Word.

2. Click Mailings Tab, then Start Mail Merge -> Wizard.

3. Follow the 6 sub-steps clicking Next at each step:

    a. Document Type - Letter

    b. Use the current document

    c. Use an existing list. Browse. Choose File Type All Files (bottom right corner). Navigate to the RECALL.DAT file (C:\medilink32bnt\export or \\YOUR_SERVER\MEDILINK\EXPORT). Then check the recipients screen (you can untick patients you want excluded). See screenshot below for example.

    d. Write your letter. You can use this step to auto insert an address block or the recall reason etc. See screenshot below for example.

    e. Preview the letter. You can see what each recipients letter will look like by using the arrows. You can exclude individual recipients at this step too.

    f. Complete the merge, i.e. press Print.

4. Save the letter somewhere. You can re-use it as a template for next time.