If you want to book an appointment for a patient but can't find one they want, add them to the Waiting List. When an appointment slot opens up due to a cancellation of some sort, your Waiting List shows you patients that can potentially fill in that slot. 

How to access the Waiting List

From the Appointment Book in Medilink, click on the Waiting List button.

General workflow

Let's say the earliest appointment you could book a patient for was 6 months from now but they wouldn't mind an earlier appointment if one frees up. Add them to the Waiting List.

1. Open the Waiting List.

2. Click Add and search for the patient.

3. You must choose an urgency, preferred phone contact, and whether the patient has a referral letter. In addition, you can optionally specify which provider the patient wants/needs to see, notes, and an appointment code. Click OK to add the patient to the Waiting List.

Let's say now that a couple of weeks has past and a patient has contacted and informed you that they wish to cancel their appointment in a month. You now have the option to fill in that empty appointment slot with a patient from the Waiting List. 

1. Open the Waiting List.

2. Go through the list and find a patient to fill the appointment. Their phone number is displayed in the Waiting List so you can confirm the appointment with them.

3. With the Waiting List open, select the empty appointment slot in the Appointment Book and the patient from the Waiting List that you wish to add to that empty slot. Click on the Appointment button and follow the prompts. 

The patient has now been added to the appointment slot, and their entry in the Waiting List has been removed. Keep in mind, their existing future appointment still exists so you may want to remove that as well.