ePrescribing in Medilink Clinical is facilitated by eRx Script Exchange.

eRx Script Exchange provides a secure and safe transmission of prescribed information between doctors and pharmacists. 

eRx is available within the Medilink Clinical program, registration is free for all providers.

The first step in accessing ePrescription is to Register with eRx - https://www.erx.com.au/register-now/

Then simply agree to the terms and conditions to complete the registration.

Once approved by eRx they will send Medilink your EntityID for prescriptions. 

In order to access eRx will need to contact Medilink in order to set up eRx, you may also need to request a Medilink Update (eRx is available in Medilink 2018 R2).

The following set up options should only need to be done once and can be completed with the aid of Medilink support.

To use eRx make sure the eRx option is selected, in DHR go to File >> Settings >> Use eRx Script Exchange

With this option selected, when you go to prescribe a medication there will be an option to enter your EntityID, you should only need to enter this once for the provider as it will be saved and used automatically for future prescriptions. Click 'Add' to save the EntityID.

Note: It is advised that when you start using eRx that you create new prescriptions for patients (rather than using the repeat option or a saved favorite) this will allow you to take full advantage of the new module.  Any older favorited scripts will need to be quickly reviewed before being prescribed, this only needs to be done once per script and most information will be undated automatically for you to review.

Any scripts sent to eRx will be show up in the summary screen in green.

Once set up is complete, prescribing will work basically the same as before, no extra steps are needed with eRx once setup is complete. All scripts will be sent automatically.
If for any reason the scripts are not printing the eRx barcode, double check that the File >> Settings >> Use eRx Script Exchange has been ticked.