Admin level users can block other users from accessing clinical. Once a user is blocked, their username will no longer show up in the Clinical Login screen and therefore they cannot access any part of the Clinical module. 

This can be done from the login screen for Clinical.

Available in Medilink 2018 R1 Update

1. From the Login screen, select your username and enter your password.
2. Click the Access Control button to open the DHR User Access window.

3. From here you can select users from the left-hand side (list of users who are allowed to access clinical). When a user is selected, click Block User or double-click their name to prevent that user from accessing clinical. You cannot block yourself from Clinical.

4. Similarly, you can select users from the right-hand side and grant them access to Clinical by clicking Allow User.

5. Users listed in Blocked DHR Users will no longer be shown in the Clinical Login screen.