In early 2018 we added a module to print billing documents via our MediLinkIt app. This is a modern platform which allows us to extend the functionality of printing, and also improve reliability. It is still in early stages, and we appreciate any feedback we get from users.

There are 2 main parts, the printer setup, and the printing itself.

Printer Setup

Right-click the MedilinkIt icon in your taskbar notification area, and go to Settings >> Printer. Alternatively, from the Accounting screen in Medilink, go to File menu >> New Printer Setup.

The screen should look similar to the standard Medilink printer setup screen, and indeed these are the same settings (although some features not available yet are greyed out).

Note: for MedilinkIt printing to work, you'll need to enable the setting. From the Accounting screen in Medilink, go to File Menu >> General Options and enable the Print via MediLinkIt option.

One advantage to the new printer setup is the ability to select multiple document types and change them all at once. For instance, to change printers for all except the label printer, click All exc Labels, then choose the new printer from the drop-down list.


There isn't much to this - simply generate billing or duplicates as you have done previously, and if the Print Billing via MediLinkIt setting is on, it will re-route standard billing documents to this new module. Note that Crystals Invoices/Receipts etc will still print via the Crystals logic.

There are some slight differences to the new documents, although they have been designed to be similar to the previous - see sample below. We appreciate any feedback you can give us on this new module.