Select the Appointment/Patient you wish to bill.

Choose Invoice/Payment icon to commence billing.

You should see a billing screen.

The type of billing for this patient should be pre-selected. This can be changed from the billing type drop-down at the bottom of the screen.

From the Drop-down menu make sure LanternPay is selected.

Add Items

Press the + button to the right. 

Type in the item number and select the correct billing item from the list. It will retrieve the fee rate for this patient, and the description – but these can be modified as needed. 

GST can also be manually added where applicable. Press Submit when finished.

Medilink Cloud will display invoices related to LanternPay differently from the other types of invoices.

For a LanternPay claim invoice there are extra fields: Units and Duration. The 2 fields are exclusive to each other, you can enter details for one or the other but not both.

Note | The claimed amount may be less than the total charged.


Press Process to send the claim to LanternPay, and follow the prompts.

Medilink Cloud will contact LanternPay Web service to make the claims. While LanternPay processes and accepts the claim a step by step validation process will be displayed. 

This will display the funded value for each claim. 

The invoice will not be able to be submitted if there are and unfunded amounts or if the invoice is invalid.

Once the process is completed click Submit to finish the payment and generate the invoice. Then Close once the claim is complete.

The electronic invoice will be displayed.

From here you can also choose to Print or Email the invoice.

Click Next to begin Billing for the next appointment or Appointments to navigate back to the appointment list.