Payee Providers determine where money is paid by Medicare for Bulk Bill, Unpaid/Gap Patient Claims and ECLIPSE Claims.

By default, all Provider Practices have the same Payee Provider - the Principal Provider who Medilink was initially registered to. This is setup in Links Menu -> Configure Online Claiming.

However, you can change this so that some/all Provider Practices have an alternate Payee Provider setup. You can do this from the Configure Online Claiming -> Setup button.

You need to register Payee Provider Bank Details with Medicare. They will need your Location Id (also in the Configure Online Claiming Screen). Be aware that a single Payee Provider can only have a single Bank setup with Medicare (although you can have lots of Payee Providers all pointing to the same Bank Account).

One common strategy for Payee Configuration is to go through all of them and click Use Service. Then you would setup the Bank Details for all of them at Medicare. This gives you a bit more flexibility should situations change (you can direct Medicare to change a single Provider's Bank Details quite quickly).

The Payee Provider setup can also be controlled in the Edit Practice screen - File Menu -> Change Details -> Provider Details, highlight a Practice underneath a Provider, and click Edit Practice. Please note that the Banking Details in this screen are not linked to Medicare - you must contact them directly to provide these to them.