Requires 2017 R2 Update and registered for Results and VTOC (HL7 ADT).

VTOC will deliver HL7 ORU messages with embedded PDFs via the Medilink Results module.

VTOC should be configured to place the ORU files in an agreed location, for example C:\VTOC\IN.

Medilink Results should then be configured to retrieve these, and output an ACK to another agreed location, e.g. C:\VTOC\OUT.

Users will then be able to view these PDFs via Medilink Results -> View Results, or Clinical application.

To ensure that patient demographics are syncronised, when patients are added or edited in Medilink, this can trigger a HL7 ADT A28/A31 message.

This is configured in Medilink via Links Menu -> Link Options, and ticking on HL7 ADT, and setting up agreed pathing.

For example, Medilink outputting to C:\MEDILINK32BNT\ADT\IN, and VTOC picking up those HL7 files from there.

After you have setup the HL7 ADT linking, a one off mass synchronisation can be done via Links Menu -> Export -> Patients via Links. Choose an appropriate date range and provider(s) (or just choose All Providers).