Medilink Clinical gives the user the opportunity to add in preparations to be prescribed for patients. 

This option is also available for adding in Medications for users who have not subscribed to the MIMs database.

You can access the Recipes list from the Patient summary screen,

Right click on 'Scripts' and choose Quick Script >> Edit Items

Note | For users without MIMs this window can be accessed by selecting the Scripts button at the bottom of the screen.

Open up the Recipes tab on this new window.

From here you can Add/Edit/Delete/Prescribe Preparations.

Click Add to open up the User Defined Preparation Form and fill out the details for this Preparation/Medication.

If you prescribe the item as Authority, Restricted or PBS/RPBS the form automatically assigns the item as PBS and RPBS.

You may use the check-boxes at the bottom to change an item to RPBS or PBS only.

Note | Recipe Authority items will now provide an option when prescribing to enter the Phone Approval code so it may be printed on the prescription.

Click OK and this item will be added to the Recipes list.

Select the item from the Recipes list and Click Prescribe to open the Script form for that item and fill out the Prescription details.

Click OK to Print out the Prescription.