Medilink Cloud

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We have further refined and added to our new web application system

• Integrates with the full desktop version of Medilink. 

• Works on any modern browser based device. 

• Basic Appointments. 

• Basic Billing. 

• Tyro EFTPOS integration. 

• LanternPay integration (TAC & NDIS claiming). 

• Many more improvements and features to come.

Workflow and more info here:

Practices interested in the web application version of Medilink should contact or 1300 881 995.

Practice Management


LanternPay Integration

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The main practice management (desktop version) of Medilink now contains various references to LanternPay. 

This is a new claiming system which is based in the Medilink Cloud application. 

You will still need to setup your patients and providers in the desktop, in the Edit Patient and Edit Provider screens.

PenCS CAT4 Integration

We can now output the billing data to PenCS CAT4 (billing only, no clinical data).

Minor Features

Issues Resolved

  • Non-Patient Claimant not working when billing family account patient from appointment book.
  • Appointment book not auto refreshing properly (fixed by allowing forceful refresh).
  • Group appointment confirmed button not moving when resize dialog.
  • Bulk bill processing not applying to correct items in batch.
  • SMS Reply in appointment book shows previous appointment reply
  • Always save settings to file when the various settings dialogs close (previously some settingswould only save on close of Medilink, and if it crashed then they wouldn’t save).
  • Add public holiday leave with all providers unticked was not saving.
  • Default specialty in the referrer list was not working for terminal server’s users who had aseparate settings file.
  • Transferring a patient on to an empty family account was turning the family account in to apersonal account (thereby changing all the details associated with the account as this is thestandard behaviour of personal accounts). No longer does this.
  • Simple SMS Review showing duplicate sends in some circumstances (but only one message was sent).

Document Management


Issues Resolved

  • When generating letters, occasionally gets error about Medilink not running.
  • Template code out of range bug fixed.
  • Emessaging providers (Healthlink specifically) throwing errors when spaces and other charactersin the phone number field.

Digital Health Records


Issues Resolved

  • Results preview flickering
  • HL7 Results with PIT in OBX segment not displaying properly.
  • Preview module crashing semi-frequently.
  • Favourites causes non-unique Load Exception.
  • HTML template not showing In Consult Note History
  • Medical Objects messages not ACKing properly.
  • HTML result items not showing properly.
  • Results and attachments and letters don't always display - need a way to force refresh them.
  • MIMS Update has caused issue with Quick Script
  • Open Result button opens queue of results at first one, not the selected result.
  • Newly added results on LAN workstations not refreshing until close/re-open app.
  • Results path too long exception.
  • Results reprocessing causes duplicates.
  • MIMS download fails sometimes.
  • Streamline Authority items need Phone Authority override.
  • HTML results not printing.
  • Right click a result and refresh preview caused a crash in some circumstances.



Restore Bulk Bill Voucher Service Id

A utility to recover from the incorrect batch processing bug, and allow successful reprocess. 

More info here: Batch Processing Bug 2017

Backdate Batch Processing

A utility to backdate the batch processing (receipts and adjustments) you have done today. 

To be used in conjunction with the Restore Bulk Bill Voucher Service Id utility.

More info here: Batch Processing Bug 2017 

Force Remove Locks

A tool to forcefully automatically remove the Medilink database lock files (Paradox).

Table Restructure 2

Internal tool only. Can now restructure tables based on the data model (struct).

Restore Missing Mobiles

A tool that can find and fix missing patient mobile phones (caused by rare data issue), by lookingthrough the appointment book.

More info here: Restore Missing Mobiles

Fix Descriptions Utility

In some cases, run the batch processing fix utilities above has left some descriptions for receiptsincorrect. 

When these receipts are later duplicated, it may look like the description is for a completelydifferent item. 

This util fixes this issue. Invoices are not affected.

More info here: Fix Description

Separate Reused Invoice Numbers

If the invoice number system gets reset due to data corruption, the system can inadvertently re-useinvoices numbers it has previously used (particularly very old ones). 

This causes problems withduplicating invoices and receipts. 

This utility will find and separate those re-used invoice numbers, and issue new (unused) invoice numbers.

More info here: Separate Reused Invoice Numbers


  • Rename to Dashboard.
  • Medilink must now be run via Dashboard.
  • Fixed bug with “Update Available” not showing.
  • Link to the Force Remove Locks utility added.
  • New ticks for 2017 R1 registrations bug fixed.
  • Version of Medilink sent to web page.
  • Windows 10/Server 2016 version now reporting properly to client version log.
  • User profile fix tool now does HIC.INI/APPOINT.INI/OPTIONS.INI etc.
  • If the version of Dashboard is 2017 R2 or newer, an updated web page will be displayed (needs to be this version to handle Bootstrap 4).

Medicare Online

  • Auto import IMM.OUT from MD implemented.
  • Fixed issue with IMM.OUT not picking up the HICCode field that has the correct vaccine in it (instead finds on name alone – which was not ideal).
  • AIR Provider selection bug.
  • Fixed Revert Batch to Unpaid utility not cleaning up banking records.
  • Rename ACIR to AIR.
  • IMM.OUT will now process less frequently, i.e. more AIR Encounters will be batched up togetherin a single claim.
  • Occasional crash on search of patient name in AIR Encounter dialog.


  • Added FHI fees.
  • Fixed bug with HBF fees.


  • Renamed Single SMS to Simple SMS.
  • Simple SMS saving multiple rows, fixed.
  • Bug fixed where old patient SMS reply remains in appointment slot even when new appointment added.
  • SMS replies can now optionally move with appointments.