Medilink Clinical has an option to save a list of medications, allowing the prescriber to save medications which they regularly prescribe. This also allows for Quickscript option from the patient summary screen.

'Favorites' or 'Quick-scripts' will present the user with a list of medications with pre-determined instructions and details (reg24/no substitutions etc) as chosen previously by the prescriber. 

Add to Favourites

To access this option in Medilink Clinical, Click Scripts.

From here you can search for medications using brand or generics (see Adding Scripts). 

Once the correct medication found, in the left hand column, right click the required Medication and select Add to Favourites

This will present the user with the Script detail options, fill out the information you wish to have saved as the default for this favorites option. You can also include a description of the script which will be displayed in the Favourites tab.

Click OK to save this script to favourites.

Alternatively when prescribing medication for a patient, the user can add this medication to favourites by checking the 'Add this to Favourites' option from the Add Script screen. 

Accessing Favourites

To access the full list of favourite, Click Scripts.

From this screen there is a Favourites tab which will display the current saved scripts.

From this list you can Prescribe/Edit/Delete the favourites. 

To Prescribe simply right click and choose Prescribe.

To edit the list, right click and Choose Edit Favourites.

This brings up the editing options for favourites, from here you can edit and delete scripts from the list as well as prescribe. 

Select a script form the list and choose one of the options to proceed.


The inclusion of favourites also allows for the use of Quick-Scripts which enables the prescriber to quickly select a script from the favourites options. This is a fast way to print regular prescriptions.

Once the patient is selected in clinical, from the Summary screen on the left hand side under consultations, right click on Scripts >> Quick Script

This allows you to choose from the list of favourites to prescribe.