Invalid Item

While processing a LanternPay payment, you may encounter an issue regarding invalid items.

Medilink Cloud will display invoices related to LanternPay differently from the other types of invoices.

For a LanternPay claim invoice there are extra fields: units and duration. 

The 2 fields are exclusive to each other and therefore you must specify one or the other but not both.

Make sure each item has a specified Unit or Duration before adding an item or the following message will be displayed.

If you specify zero as the duration/units there will be an error message while processing the payment.

Item Code Unknown

Occurs when the item code used for the payment is unknown and therefore cannot be processed. Check the item numbers details before trying to process again. 

Wrong Service Provider

The service provider must be eligible to provide the selected item code otherwise an error message will be shown while processing the LanternPay Payment. 

Program Client Number Unknown

If the Client Number cannot be identified, there will be a notice when trying to process a LanternPay payment. 

The user will need to have a valid Client Number in order for the payment to be processed. 

Program Client Number Expired

This error will occur when the client's funding arrangement with the Program has as expired.

Max Rate

For a gap payment Lantern Pay will provide a warning that the items chosen are not fully funded. 

The user can click Accept and the payment may proceed, however further payment will be required after submitting the claim. 

Empty Invoice

LanternPay will reject any empty invoice. 

LanternPay Outage

If LanternPay is experiencing issues or their is a problem with your computers network connection, you may see the following message. 

If so check please contact system admin or LanternPay.

Client Authorization

Some codes require authorization from the client.