If billing from the Medilink Desktop, either press the LanternPay button in the Medilink Account screen, or progress an Appointment to Finished and click the LanternPay button. 

This will log the Provider in to Medilink Cloud.

Medilink Cloud will show a list of Appointments. Select the relevant patient by clicking the circle to the left of the appointment. 

Click Invoice and Payment.

From the Drop-down menu make sure LanternPay is selected.

Add the Items and relevant details. The item codes chosen must be recognized within the valid list of item codes for the nominated program.

Medilink Cloud will display invoices related to LanternPay differently from the other types of invoices.

For a LanternPay claim invoice there are extra fields: Units and Duration. The 2 fields are exclusive to each other, you can enter details for one or the other but not both. 

Note | The claimed amount may be less than the total charged.

Press Process to send the claim to LanternPay, and follow the prompts.

Medilink Cloud will contact LanternPay Web service to make the claims. While LanternPay processes and accepts the claim a step by step validation process will be displayed

This will display the funded value for each claim. 

The invoice will not be able to be submitted if there are and unfunded amounts or if the invoice is invalid.

Once the process is completed click Submit to finish the payment and generate the invoice.

From here you can also choose to Print or Email the invoice.

Click Next to begin Billing for the next appointment or Appointments to navigate back to the appointment list. 



Medilink Cloud will synchronise billing details with Medilink Desktop at regular intervals. There are a few useful reports:

Audit Trail

Click Admin menu >> Audit Trails >> LanternPay Audit Trail. Standard Audit Trail reports can also be used (and will show LanternPay billings in there too).


These are just the standard Banking reports in Medilink, just click the Banking button and use them as normal.

LanternPay claims will be differentiated by the ProgramCode being displayed. For example "tac". These will be broken up per patient and may not reflect actual payments, but will be a useful general guide.

LanternPay Reconcilliation


Change Provider or Password

While using Medilink Cloud you can switch providers at anytime by clicking the circled letter at the top of the screen and choosing 'Logout'. 

This will allow you to login to Medilink Cloud using another providers credentials which were set up in Medilink Desktop. 

Alternatively this option also allows you to Change Password for this provider.