Practices should register their interest in LanternPay here:

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email from LanternPay, essentially just to confirm your email address. Click the link and sign-in to the LanternPay website as a Provider. Then go to the Settings area for Integrated Claiming, where you be provided with a file that contains your LanternPay Biller Code and API Key & Secret for your practice. (The API will always be )

Biller Code & API

Medilink staff will then setup your Medilink Cloud.

The practice will be given details for the admin account, and go to Settings >> Payments and enter the LanternPay details. Click Apply once all credentials are entered. 

Only the admin would be able to input the credentials into Medilink Cloud, and this operation is done once per practice. Unless there are any change made in the future to the API key and Secret.

Provider Setup

Each provider will need to be configured to a user in Medilink Cloud, by the Medilink Cloud admin account:

These providers should then also be setup in Medilink Desktop, go to:

File Menu >> Change Details >> Provider Details

Highlight the provider and click Edit Provider, then click LanternPay:

Enter the details for this providers access to Medilink Cloud.