This screen displays a list of new, un-actioned results.

The default path for downloaded results is \\<SERVER>\Medilink\Results\In

All third-party result downloading software should be configured to download results to this directory for DHR to pick up. 

If existing software cannot be configured to download to the default directory, DHR can be configued by right-clicking the Medilink DHR Results from the system tray

 (the tray of small icons located near the clock, typically on the bottom right of the screen) and clicking Configure

Clicking Load Results will load all results for the selected Provider within the specified date range

 (defaulted to 1 calendar month from the current date).

Clicking Open Result will open the selected result for viewing in a new window. 

Clicking Open via O/S will open the result up in the default application for that specific file format. For example, if you're viewing a result that is a PDF, Open via O/S will open the result in your default PDF viewer (for example, Adobe Reader).

Clicking Action will pop-up menu with a list of pre-defined actions to apply to the selected result.

All actioned results will be removed from the un-actioned result list. All actioned results can be viewed by checking the Actioned option under Show, then clicking Load Results.

You can print a result and action it at the same time with the Print + Action button or by right-clicking a result and selecting Print + Action.

Clicking Open in DHR will open the record of the patient associated with the selected result in Medilink DHR.

Clicking Show Preview will display a preview of the selected result in the same window.