Generates a letter for the selected consultation.

First either select an appointment or open a patient. 

Click the 'Letters' button to view and create letters. 

(Note: Alternatively you can use the Bulk Letters screen)

If you have not set up any templates, click the 'Templates' button to choose a template for your letters. 

Choose a main template to edit, click to highlight and click Ok to open the template. 

Alternatively, click 'New Template' to create a brand new template if needed. 

If the following message appears, follow the instruction here to fix.

Once the template opens, you can freely edit the template to include any content you wish to appear on each letter. 
On the left hand side you will find the auto-fill fields. simply double click any of the auto-fill fields to place them in the letter template. 

Click the Save button at the very top to save the template at any time.

To Create a letter for a patient, choose 'New'.

Choose a template. DHR ships with a generic Consultation Letter Template "MainCON.doc".

This template can be modified to suit your practice.

1. Choose Template

2. Select the Review Letter option to place this letter in Reviews for the doctor's perusal.

Un-tick this option to file the letter in the patient's file.

3. Choose Referrer.

A letter is then generated automatically and opened for typing.