1. Click the Scripts button.

This screen will only show if you are currently subscribed to the MIMS electronic drug database.

Note | If you are not subscribed to MIMS, an empty Add Script screen will appear instead.

The drug brand names are displayed in a list in the left-hand column. 

2. This list can be searched by typing the first few letters of the brand name (Products) in the search box above the list.

Alternatively you can choose to search using the Generic drug name by selecting Generics. If this is the case then the brands for that drug will be displayed in the bottom section of the left-hand column.


3. Selecting a brand name will display the list of available packs in the top section of the right-hand column.

4. If the brand has a Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) or Full Product Information (Full PI), their respective buttons will also become active.

Click either button to display the respective information - from here you can print the information.

5. Selecting a pack will display further information in the sections below the list of available packs.

With a pack selected:

- Right Clicking then selecting Add to Favourites will add the selected pack to the favourites list.

- Double click the chosen medication or Right Click then select Prescribe will bring up the Add Script screen.

If there are any interactions between the patient's previous prescriptions, a warning is displayed stating the severity of the interaction. 

6. Choose desired dosage, frequency and instructions from their respective lists, or type your own in the free-text fields above each list. You can also tick Problems or write free-text Reasons as necessary.

Note | If you wish to type freehand for all of the instructions simply type everything into the 'Instructions' field and this will print everything written in that box.

7. Click OK to save the script.

You will be prompted to continue prescribing another drug:

- Click Yes to continue prescribing

- Click No to finish prescribing and print the script

Note | PBS Scripts will be printed in groups of three; the same for Private Scripts.

Authority scripts will be printed individually.


Printing Settings for Scripts. 
For prescriptions, you can set up the script to print from a dedicated printer tray containing the prescription paper.
To do this, Go to File >> Settings >> Printer Settings

From this screen, choose the 'Scripts' selection from the left column.
Then choose the printer and paper source for the prescription paper and choose ok to save.