Add a Script to the Consultation - From Notes

1. Launch Medilink Clinical (DHR)

2. Click the Notes button


3. Add or Select a consultation to edit

4. Click Add Script button

- If you have a MIMS subscription the Drug Reference screen will appear

- Otherwise an empty Add Script screen will appear.

From here you can simply follow the instructions found here.

Once complete the Script should now be attached to this consultation and should be listed in the Consultation Details preview

Add a Script to the Consultation - Manually

You can add Scripts to consultations manually from the Notes screen

1. Select a consultation

2. Click the Notes button

3. On the left hand side of the screen select the 'Scripts' Tab, this will list all the prescriptions for this patient. 

4. From here you can find the relevant script and tick the box next to it to add it to the consultation.