Launch Clinical (DHR)

1. Search for a patient from the Accounting screen 

 Alternatively, select a patient in the Appointment Book.

Note | You can also easily switch between patients while Clinical is open by clicking 'Patient' then 'Open...'

2. Click the red Clinical button


1. DHR requires a password to login, even if you do not use a password for Medilink.

Note | If you do not already have a password for Medilink, you will be prompted to create a new password.

This new password will only be needed for DHR.

If you have subscribed to MIMS, a prompt to download and install the latest version is displayed.

3. Click OK to confirm the password and open DHR

First Patient

If you have started Clinical from the Medilink Accounting/Appointment Book, then the patient will be whoever you had selected in the Accounting/Appointment Book screen.

Alternatively, if you are a provider, then Clinical will look to see if you have any appointments for today, and choose the patient with the first appointment.

Otherwise, you will be prompted to search for a patient.