Prerequisites: You must be registered for the Results module in Medilink.

Look for the Medilink DHR Results symbol in the taskbar notification area (near the clock), it is a Medilink symbol with an Erlenmeyer flask (triangular beaker). If it is not there, click the Results button in the Accounting screen of Medilink.

Right click the icon and go to Configure.

By default there will be one row of paths already set. These will be the MEDILINK\RESULTS\IN and OUT (or C:\MEDILINK32BNT\RESULTS\IN and OUT) folders.

You should setup and/or notify delivery providers of results/referral letter/etc, to place incoming HL7 files in the IN folder, and to expect acknowledgements (ACKs) in the OUT folder.

In some cases, they will already be delivering results to different locations. You can add additional rows of paths by clicking the Add Path button, and browsing or typing in the IN and OUT path.

You should turn on the Automatically Run at Medilink Startup on at least one computer.

Note: Outgoing secure messaging goes in a different OUT folder. This topic is covered elsewhere.

Note: Medilink accepts HL7 v2.x messages. 2017 R1 onwards versions can accept HL7 with encapsulated data (PDFs etc) - previous versions can only accept text in the OBX segment.