Open the Document Management System (DMS).

Search for the patient you want (if they are not already on screen) OR use Bulk Letters (new in 2018 R2).

Highlight the appropriate Patient Letter you want to send. (Note, we currently do not allow resending of inbound Referral Letters - make sure the Document Type says "Patient Letter").

Click the Secure Messaging button on the right-hand side or right-click and choose Send Securely.

Choose the Provider you are sending from

Choose the Referrer you are sending to. Note, you can choose this Referrer by selecting a Referral that the patient has, or by searching and choosing a specific Referrer.

Secure eMessaging provider lookups/websites



Medical Objects:

If you have not previously setup this Referrer for Secure Emessaging, you will be prompted to fill in their details

Now you will see the Correspondence Criteria and Priority / Requested Action screen (aka, Send screen). Make any modifications as necessary and click OK.

What this does is generate a HL7 file in the Output Path for the selected Emessaging Carrier


Open the Digital Health Record System (DHR, aka Clinical).

Search for the patient you want (if they are not already on screen).

Highlight the Patient Letter you want to send and right click and choose Send.

The process from here is identical to the DMS process above, refer to those notes.