Internal Setup

Open the Document Management System (DMS).

(You will need to have a patient open first).

Go to File Menu >> Tools >> Setup Secure Messaging >> Internal Setup.

Fill in the Carrier Identifier with the ID assigned to your practice by the various Emessaging providers.

The Output Path needs to match where the Carrier's app is retrieving these messages (so either change Medilink or the Carrier's app so that they are the same folder).

Referrer Setup

Document Management System (DMS)

Open the Document Management System (DMS).

Go to File Menu >> Tools >> Setup Secure Messaging >> Referrers.

Search for and select a Referrer.

Choose a preferred Carrier (i.e. if the Referrers practice prefers to use one Secure Emessaging provider over another), and fill in the identifiers (where applicable).

Note | that if a Referrer has not been setup, the setup box will appear automatically the first time you try and send a message to them - but it's still important to know how to do this via the menu.


You can set up Secure Emessaging for a referrer from the Accounting Screen >> FIle >> Change Details >> Referring Doctors.

From this screen you can select a referrer and pick Setup Secure Message (feature introduced in 2017 R2 update)