1.  Bring up the patient and click Reception->Invoice->Private Invoicing.

2.  Fill in the item numbers with service dates and codes as appropriate.

3.  There are various options here regards how the invoice prints, (Crystal report style, extra patient details to show on the invoice etc.), whether a manual Medicare claim form is printed, and if the invoice is to be deferred.


  • prefixing the Item Number with a letter will change the fee to that particular letters fee for the item number in question (e.g. if Item Number 164 is normally $100, and it's discounted fee is $80, then typing d164 in the Item Number field as shown in the image above will overwrite the price in the Fee field to be $80 (the discounted price) instead of the normal price of $100). 
  • postfixing the Item Number with a period will half the Fee charged (e.g. if Item Number 164 is $100, then typing "164." (notice the proceeding period) will override the Fee to be $50).
  • similar to the above point, postfixing the Item Number with two periods will quarter the Fee charged.