Add or edit an appointment

1.  Highlight a blank spot in the appointment book and click Add or click an existing appointment and click Edit

Alternatively, you can do this from the Appointment menu by clicking Add New Patient Appointment (or Add Non-Patient Appointment - basically for adding notes in the appointment book).

2.  If you are adding a new appointment, you will have to search for the patient first (you can create a patient here as well if need be). 

If you elect to not add a new patient now, you can still proceed and will just be prompted to fill in the details when the patient arrives.

3.  You will now see the Edit Appointment screen, fill in the fields as appropriate.

Delete an appointment

1. From the Appointments Book screen, select the appointment you wish to delete and click Delete or press the Del key. 

Note: some settings may not let you delete a Confirmed appointment (or one which has been sent an SMS). To delete this type of appointment, simply highlight the appointment and click the 'Confirm' button until the status is a light blue (tentative) you can now delete that appointment.

Copy/move an appointment

1.  Highlight the appointment you want to Copy/Move and click Copy or Move, or use Ctrl+C for Copy, Ctrl+X for Move (i.e. cut).

2.  Select the slot you want to place the appointment and click Paste or Ctrl+V.