Video Instructions:

Step Instructions:

1.  From the Appointments Book screen 

Setup>>Providers Weekly Schedule.

2.  Choose the provider you want from the drop-down list.

3.  If you’re create a schedule that will start later, type in the date in the Offset Weeks From section (this will just cycle the display to the appropriate week). 

So if you enter a the date as 06/01/2020 then this will correspond to the 'M' (Monday) in Week 1.

4.  If you just want to edit/delete a schedule, click on it and click Edit or Delete.

If you want to create a new schedule, either click Add and fill in the details, or click and drag to highlight the appropriate area. 

5.  If you are adding or editing a schedule you will now see the Setup Schedule screen.

 Make the appropriate changes and click OK

Note | that if you want a one-off schedule that the expiry date should be the same date (just copy and paste the start date into the expiry date).

6.  If you have deleted a schedule but then realised it was a mistake, just put it back in. 

Deleting schedules does not actually delete appointments, and they will pop back up once you recreate the schedule again.