1.  Bring up patient or click appointment and click PVF Fund button 

or Online>>OPV – Fund from menu.

2.  You may not have any funds populated in the list. 

Please click Get Participating Funds if you do not and wait for this to finish (you only really have to do this once every so often to ensure your fund list is up to date).

3.  Make sure the fund code, membership number, UPI (which # that patient is on the card), and the fund alias are all filled in. 

While it is optional, you really should select a provider for fund verification (this will be important later when billing). 

To perform Medicare validation you should also tick the OPV (PVF+PVM) tickbox and fill in the earliest date of service if necessary.

4.  Click PVF Fund to perform verification.

5.  Wait for the process to complete, when it has, the messages at the bottom will change depending on the outcome.