Patient's must have a valid mobile phone in their details, and the consent tick box must be ticked on.

You can find this in the Edit Patient screen.

It is up to the practice to decide how they wish to enforce the issue of consent. You may elect to simply tick this on for all patients, or you may decided to ask the question verbally, or written for new patients etc..

The mobile phone field will be attempted to be converted to a standard mobile phone number, (614XXXXXXXX), before sending, but it is good practice to use numbers only. Here is a basic guide:

Preferred Mobile Phone Format Poor Mobile Phone Format
0412345678 (04) 1234 5678 (brackets)
61412345678 04-1234-5678 (hyphens)
04 1234 5678 1234 5678 (no mobile area code)
614 1234 5678
0412 345 678