You can edit message formats in the SMS Control Centre. From the Appointment Book, click Setup > SMS Control Centre

The message format section allows you to set up various messages to be transmitted to patients. These messages use codes (e.g. <patientfirstname>), which will be replaced by relevant data when sent. 

Click on Key to view a list of all available codes for you to use. 

Note: your default message template will always be the one called 'Default'. You'll need to edit this template if you want to change the default message that comes up when you are creating SMS reminders.

Key: view list of codes to use in your message, such as <patientfirstname> to dynamically insert the first names of the patients you are sending messages to.

Default: load your default message template.

Load Message Format: show a list of all your message formats.

New Message Format: create a new message format.

Save Message Format: save the currently displayed message format.