There are a few types of schedule type, please choose the most appropriate.

Seven Days

The seven day schedule does not apply any specific rules, and works and 'counts', all days of the week.

The downside to this is that potentially patient reminders may be sent and/or cancelled on weekends. Some patient's may ring on the weekend if they have just received a message, but the practice may be unoccupied during this period.

Five Days

Messages will only be generated during Monday to Friday, (i.e., it only 'counts' 5 days in the week).

What this means is that when generating messages or handling expired messages, the send 'X' days before appointment and expire 'X' days before appointment logic will only apply during Monday to Friday.

For example, if you elect to send messages 3 days before appointment and expire 1 day before appointment, and it is Thursday:

The scheduler will generate messages for next Tuesday.

The scheduler will mark Friday's sent and unconfirmed appointments as expired, (and if the cancel expired setting is on, cancel them).

The downside to this type of scheduling is that messages won't be generated for weekend appointments, and it doesn't take public holidays in to consideration.

Auto-Calc Week

The Auto-Calc Week option works very similarly to the Five Days option, in that it only 'counts' certain days of the week. What determines that a day is valid is whether or not there is a single appointment on that day.

This system works well if practices ensure that they do not put appointments on days that they will not be in attendance of the practice. However, some practices will use 'dummy' appointments to mark public holidays instead of using provider leave, which will mean that these days 'count'.