Before you can bill you need to configure your item numbers.

We suggest that you only add the items that you will use in to your system as this gives you much tighter control over what staff can bill and the fees that you have to manually set rates for.

1. You can add/edit items by clicking on the Item Fees button on File » Change Details » Item Numbers. Alternatively you can alter them from the billing screen(s) by pressing the List button (immediately under the Item Number field).

From here you can add/edit items. You can also deactivate items but not delete them.

If you are adding/editing an item you must fill in an item number, brief description and a rate, (we suggest the U column).

There are some considerations to take regarding the column rates:

a » For private invoicing you can charge whatever amount you like, but the U column will be the default unless another default specified in the patient setup

b » For Medicare/DVA invoicing by default it will be the H/M/S/V/L/R column(s). These are special columns, do not set them manually unless you are sure of the rate, as the fee updater will overwrite these values anyway

c » Funds have their own agreement/scheme rates, (for medical this is almost exclusively for in-patient services), often called No Gap or something to that effect. Historically some practices have manually used a specific letter to correspond to a fund, and just manually updated these. The preferred method however is to use the fund area to modify these rates, and that is where the fee updater will put these.