Accounting Screen » Admin » User Management

Note | Only Admin Level 4 Users are able to modify these settings

» Select the Admin menu

» Select User Management

Manage users by selecting a username and selecting an option outlined below:

User Level
Set selected user to Inactive
User is set to Inactive - cannot access Medilink
Set selected user to Reception access level

User has access to the File, View and Reception menu systems only

Set selected user to Office access level

User has access to the File, View, Reception, Online and Office menu systems only

Set selected user to Management access level

User has access to the File, View, Reception, Online, Office and Management menu systems only

Set selected user to Admin access level

User has full control of all Medilink menu systems and functionality

Note | Users can only be set to Inactive and are not deleted from the Medilink database

Many Practices elect not to enforce application security instead relying on Windows OS security e.g. Windows Username and Password. Medilink does not recommend this approach. If the Practice rules permit no application security set the Default New User Level to 4 - Admin and allow Auto Create New Users. By applying this rule any instance a new Username is keyed in to the Medilink Login dialog a new User will be created set to 4 - Admin user level.

If the Medilink add-on module that permits restricting Users by Provider is installed, highlight Usernames and select Set Providers to configure the Providers that those Users will have access to.

Note | The system is inclusive by default Users must be assigned to have access to at least one Provider in order to restrict access to other Providers in the system