When installing Medilink for the first time the application will be set to an Unregistered state and will be in Tutorial Mode. To activate the software, follow the instructions below.

From the Accounting Screen:

1. Select the Help Menu

2. Select Register Medilink

3. Enter in the Registration details exactly as shown below. 

After successfully registering the application, enter in the Registration details provided. Medilink will display a prompt confirming Admin level credentials. Once all of the appropriate fields are entered correctly, the Verify dialog box will appear as shown below.

4. Click Yes to save changes or No to exit without saving changes.

Note | only the Phone Number field and Address Line 2 are editable by the Practice. All other fields require re-registration via Medilink Direct Support.

5. Click OK to return to the Windows desktop and double click the Medilink icon to open the application with up to date registration applied

6. Please change these details at first initial login.

Providers <Firstname><space><Lastname>