From the Medilink Accounting screen, click on the Admin menu >> User Management. 

From the User Management window you can set restrictions for different users, reset user passwords, edit their usernames, and add new users.

Note | the currently logged in Medilink user will not be visible. This is simply to ensure that Administrators don't accidentally set themselves to a lower level, which can result in no Admins, meaning no one would be able to access the User Management interface.

Add New User

You can add a new user simply by clicking the Add New User button. You will be prompted to enter the username for this new member. 
Once added you can edit the user by selecting them from the list and choosing the action you wish to take.

You can set the User Level of this new User by selecting them from the list (click again to deselect any users) and then clicking the appropriate User level on the left hand side.

Press Ok and then next time you open Medilink Launcher enter this new username to open Medilink with this new user.

Default New User Level

Notice that the Admin button currently has an * next to it. This indicates that this is the Default New User Level. The Default New User Level is the user level group that new users will be placed in. 

The groups are fairly self explanatory, Medilink now restricts certain features to certain groups. When a user requires access to one of these groups, they may need to see a supervisor, who can then Switch Users to perform an action for the user, and then switch back, (Switching Users will be demonstrated later).

To change the Default New User Level, please click on the Set Default New User Level checkbox, and then select the button that represents the desired user level. For example, to set the default user level to be Inactive:

Once the button is clicked and released, it now has an * beside it to represent that it is now the Default New User Level. Also, the Set Default New User Level check-box is now unchecked.

For this example, any new users that are created from this point on will be created as Inactive. This can be changed at any time. 

Auto Create New Users

The ‘Auto Create New Users’ check-box determines if Medilink will automatically create a new user when an unknown user tries to logon to Medilink.