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Miscellaneous Settings

Use New Banking Algorithms
Use new Banking Algorithms.
GST Summary
Use New Copies Dialog
Enable Advanced Copies screen
Use New MCOL Processing
Uses New Online Processing Algorithm.
Use New Deferred Billing
Uses New Deferred Billing Algorithm.
Use Quick Report Print/Export
Provides a dialog box when accessing reports which quickly presents the user with printing and export options as soon as the report is opened.
Use New Delete Surgical Audit

Skip Delete Surgical Audit
Prompt On Close
Dialog box upon exiting Medilink in order to confirm closing the program
Add Code At End Of Description
Add transaction code to the end of the description
Flush Cache On Search/Load
Clears program  cache on Search/Load function.
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New Acc Last Transaction Search

Use new algorithm for last transaction for account search.

Allow DOB Entry On New Patient

When creating a New Patient allow for the user to enter a Date of Birth for the new patient.
Check Processing On MCOL Load
On loading Medicare Online, check the processing
Use New Browse
Automatic Balance Update
Balances will be automatically recalculated after an accounting search.
New Aged Analysis
Use new Aged Analysis. Can chose to include future receipts and set the columns relative to the current date.
Always Fix Patient Last Seen Patient last seen will be fixed as default.
Duplicate Bulk Bill Protection
Auto Fix Temp Tables (Reporting) Automatically fix the temporary tables.
Sort Recalls by Date Displays recalls by date (newest to oldest), if ‘Reverse’ option also selected then recalls are displayed by date in reverse order (oldest to newest).
Show Recall Last Generated Show the last generated recall.
New Recall Report
Set the recall report generated to the new template. If option is turned off the old template will be used for recall report generation.
Non-Generated Recalls Warning Display warning if there are un-generated recalls for the current fortnight.
Warn Clinical Link Down

Enable Clinical Link Down messages e.g. Medical Director down message

Make Cheques To


Ask Referral Overwrite
Print Practice Name
Add Indefinite To Description
Calc Referral Expiry On First Serv
This option tries to calculate the real Expiry Date based on the first service date where it can find this referral. Read More
Set Banking Receipt Date
Auto-Submit Duplicate Intergrated EFTPOS Payment
Freenote Subheadings
Adds subheadings to the Free Note file.
Email Referrer From Accounting
Email Patient From Accounting
Call Referrer From Accounting
Call Patient From Accounting
Provider Data Caching
New Pat Apt Loading Algorithm
New Patient Merge
Displays the new screen for merging patients, Turing off this option will default display the old merge interface.
New Provider Select List
Displays the new interface for the Provider selection dialog. If turned off the old provider interface will be displayed and will involve two dialog interfaces.